Provider’s View for existing outsourcing companies


Potential projects related to Outsourcing


  1. Development of a business plan to suggest alternative higher value offerings
  2. Development of support structure to support the business plan
  3. Selling process development
  4. Customer satisfaction process
  5. Account development and retention process
  6. Staffing modeling – on site, off site
  7. Backup planning to staffing, overflow, or to handle SME needs
  8. Management structure development to support
  9. Partnership development grid to support virtual offerings
  10. Business modeling – pricing – headcount modeling
  11. Due diligence processing
  12. Training
    1. Developing the customer’s business plan
    2. Due diligence process for developing the customer offering
    3. Consultative selling for the outsourcing market
    4. Managing the price (sales perspective)
    5. Relationship management and retaining/building the customer
    6. Operations Management