Business Planning

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Focus Statement

The practice provides support to create business plans and road mapping for new businesses, products or new marketing territories/countries. 


The following outline represents a simplified version of a business plan.  In your business plan - there may be different recommendations of style and content based on the maturity of your business, the receiver intended and the intent of your business plan.:

  • Purpose       
  • Market Strategy       
    • Internal/External, Partnership requirements, Outsourcing requirements         
    • Customer Requirements
    • Critical areas of strategy and customer support          
  • Maintaining brand value & customer satisfaction 
  • Roles required at the entity/country level:
  • Organizational Structure, Staffing levels, Skill requirements      
  • Financial discussion  
  • External & internal models
  • P&L/Factor Analysis              
  • Pricing and profitability expectations 
  • Net margin/profit/break-even point     
  • Sales Projections  
  • Sales Strategy and Configuration:  
  • Operational readiness, Process recommendations 
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Startup plan and implementation timelines 
  • Performance analysis after deployment     
  • Storyboard and Business Mode Summary