Our Approach

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I. We generally start with a Business Process Analysis or Due Diligence of part or all of your business - focusing on the areas of concern.  Examples are:

Sales Process Management

Operational and workflow analysis

Organizational Readiness and Analysis

Management Reporting & Financial Control

Organizational Continuity


II.  This is typically Done through:

 General Due Diligence


Overview of organization

Roles and Responsibilities analysis

Organizational review

Reporting review


III. Stages of Project


IV.     Solutions Development will take place during the completion of the Due Diligence, Validation of Due Diligence and post Due Diligence, some general project solutions will include the following, but functional solutions are typically chosen and sometimes integrated occasionally with the following:

Change Management

Business Plan development


Training sales, operational, organizational

Project Management

Market Attack Plan development, internal & external

Technology improvement/development (recommendations)

Internal tools development

Human Resource development/selection/ redeployment

Reporting and Analysis of vital business measurements


 Disclaimer:  ChangeOut keeps a product agnostic position.  In the determination of potential vendors ChangeOut keeps a professional distance from any one vendor.  ChangeOut maintains product independence.