Outsourcing - Managed Services

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Focus Statement

The contracting of People, Process, Management (with or without specific technologies) as a managed service


ChangeOut Consulting has over 21 years of experience in the field of outsourcing in Asia and all over the United States. The services involved within the consultancy are set up to be used by either the provider or the receiver of outsourcing services, From the provider standpoint the service is designed to assist in all levels including:  strategy, tactical/operational, organizational and skill development.  The following sections are intended on providing more details on how we can assist you in the area of Outsourcing.


o     Managed Service provided by a 3rd party specialist

o     Comprised of People, Process, Management (potentially Technology)

o     On or off the customer’s site

o     Examples: IT infrastructure management, Document Management Services, Food services, Facilities Management, ASP services


From a Provider view

o     Sales – who is the customer?

o     Marketing – How to deploy in the marketplace

o     Due Diligence process

o     Operational Excellence

o     Financial and Administrative controls

o     Customer Satisfaction

o     Packaging, pricing

o     Roles of the customer and provider

o     Roles and responsibilities of key players

See attachment ‘Provider View”

From a Customer view

o     Developing purpose and vision of outsourcing

o     Initial engagement process

o     Due Diligence process expectations

o     Selection of provider

o     Pricing and contracting

o     Implementation steps

o     Involvement for maximum performance, managing the provider

o     Ongoing management and expectations