Sales & General Operational Excellence

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Focus Statement

The analysis of the business effectiveness in its selling process and capabilities, many times reaching out into the rest of the organization to understand the organizational readiness to sell, manage and produce utilizing world class methodologies.

 Sales Management Process, Selling Skills, Approach to the Marketplace are all essential elements of successful companies.  Many companies are successful due to a small number of customers - however, for future security, growth and all the good things that companies want - a good selling process is essential. 

ChangeOut Consulting can approach your company, perform the necessary due diligence and give back to you an objective view of how your organization is approaching the marketplace. From the due diligence report, solutions can be made to move forward and build the necessary elements of a successful sales process.  In the charts below - some examples of issues and solutions are given.  In the chart at the bottom of the page - the same is done for general operational analysis.

In the case of sales:


Analysis of:

Solutions through

  • Review of Sales tools
  • Roles & Responsibilities analysis
  • Admin vs. customer time
  • Interface with Admin and Operations
  • Understanding of the market
  • Market alignment
  • Customer first focus
  • Selling cycle timing/ barriers to selling
  • Proposal creation and uniformity
  • Pricing process
  • Selling barriers
  • Incentives and targets
  • Market approach
  • Understanding of the competition
  • Tool design, creation, implementation
  • Technology enhancements
  • Roles & Responsibilities alignment
  • Creation of market understanding
  • Utilization of relevant market tools lists, reports
  • Proposal creation process
  • Pricing modeling
  • Business modeling
  • Organizational understanding
  • Training
  • Removal of selling barriers
  • Customer retention process
  • Incentive creation
  • Market Attack Plan development & implementation

In the case of the full operation, including sales, operational excellence and finance/administration the following would be studied/analyzed:

  • Technology review
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Alignment within sales organization
  • HR Selection & performance
  • Management process
  • Roles & Responsibilities org.  Leaders
  • Administrative practices
  • Target customer focus
  • Financial & Management reporting tools
  • Sales cycle management analysis
  • General operational analysis